Sipura SPA 841 How To

Ever tried the cisco ip phone 7941 or 7961? It looks like an ordinary phone device but it is much more than that.

The cisco ip phone is customizable with backgrounds, ringtones and services. I will try to cover the two first items in this post.

These resources are served by a TFTP server.

TFTP server

It stands for Trivial File Transfer Protocol. No, it’s not the same as FTP: TFTP relies on UDP and it does not provide authentication or listing.

What’s the use of the TFTP server in my cisco?

It holds several things which interest us:

Set up of a TFTP server

For Windows, you can use tftp32.

For Linux, install atftp or tftp-hpa.

For tftp-hpa, here is the command to start the server:

/usr/sbin/in.tftpd -l -s /tftpboot

assuming that “/tftpboot” is the directory served.

How to change the TFTP server?

Even though the TFTP server has probably been set by your infrastructure, it is still possible to change it! And it is very simple to do that:

Note that the “TFTP server 2” is used as fallback (i.e. when the TFTP server 1 is down).


Now that the TFTP server is up and running, we are ready to add our first custom background image. The background images must be in PNG and have a specific format:

Then the images must be hosted in: /tftpboot/Desktops/320x196x4

A configuration file must also be put in this directory under the name List.xml:

I usually convert the images with a PHP script (based on a source code from


Let’s assume you have a mp3 which you want as ringtone:

Then play your new ringtone ! If it does not work, check the permissions or shorten your ringtone.


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Sipura SPA-841 How To

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Sipura SPA-841 How ToI

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction

Part II Registering Sipura SPA-841

Part III Paging

Part IV Glossary

How to use Sipura SPA-841 with PBXware

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This “How to” is written as a general guide on how to use the Sipura SPA-841 with

PBXware using 3.1.4(a) Sipura SPA-841 firmware. It covers the most common tasks

required to have your Sipura SPA-841 working efficiently.

4Registering Sipura SPA-841

2Registering Sipura SPA-841

1. Sipura SPA-841

– Make sure that the device is loaded with

– Fully configured and operational

3. Sipura SPA-841 Dial Plan.

– The Sipura SPA-841 “Dial Plan” field value needs to be changed using web interface.

STEP ONE: Sipura SPA-841

1. Open a new browser window and enter the IP address in order to access the

To learn how to find out Sipura SPA-841 IP Address go to chapter “

Phone” “STEP TWO”

an example with IP address

2. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

STEP TWO: Sipura SPA-841 Dial Plan field value.

5 Sipura SPA-841 How To

2. Click on “advanced” link.

3. Click on “Ext 1” link.

4. Navigate down to “Dial Plan” group. Clear the “Dial Plan” field, then copy & paste

5. Click on the “Submit All Changes” button. The Sipura SPA-841 will reboot for

changes to take effect.

2.2 Manual Configuration

6Registering Sipura SPA-841

2.2.1 UAD Settings


1. Find out the IP address of the PBXware server.

STEP TWO: Login into PBXware.

1. Open a new browser window and enter the IP address to access the PBXware

3. Login to PBXware with your e-mail address and password.

1. Make sure the UAD is enabled. To check the UAD status, navigate to “Settings:UAD”

and click on the “edit” icon corresponding to “Sipura SPA-841”.

7 Sipura SPA-841 How To

2. Make sure “Status” is set to “active”, “Auto provisioning” is set to “No”, and “

is set to “Yes”.

8Registering Sipura SPA-841

3. Click on the “Save” button to save changes.

2.2.2 Creating Extension

1. Navigate to “Extensions”. Click on “Add Extension”.

2. The standard options window (below) will be shown.

3. Select Sipura SPA-841 from the “UAD” select box.

4. Select Location: “Local” or “

9 Sipura SPA-841 How To

-“Local” is for all extensions registered on

-“Remote” is for all extensions registered from remote networks, , Internet etc.

5. Click on the “Next” button.

1. Enter values into the required field text boxes.

Enter a name for the extension being created. Example:

Enter the e-mail address associated with this extension. This e-mail address will

an example with details filled in

2. Click on the “Save” button.

10Registering Sipura SPA-841

3. Click on the “Save & E-mail” button. Account details will be sent to the e-mail address

An auto-generated extension number based on the next available sequential

number. An extension value can be changed.

system to use this value for other important operations.

A secret value associated with the UAD is auto-generated in order to allow the UAD

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to successfully register with the system. The secret value can be changed.

An auto-generated PIN will allow access to voicemail and online self care.

2.2.3 Registering Phone

STEP ONE: Electricity and Ethernet.

– Your Sipura SPA-841 needs electricity, so plug the adapter into its jack and connect

it to the electricity network.

– Connect the ethernet port to a hub, router or switch as to access LAN

11 Sipura SPA-841 How To

After successfully connecting your Sipura SPA-841 to the electricity and data networks, it

is time to register it to PBXware.

Find out the IP address of your Sipura SPA-841 connected to network.

1. Press the bottom right button.

2. On the display, scroll to “Network”.

3. Press the “select” button.

12Registering Sipura SPA-841

STEP THREE: Sipura SPA-841

1. Open a new browser window and enter the IP address in order to access the Sipura

STEP FOUR: Configuring Sipura SPA-841.

2. Click on the “Ext 1” link.

13 Sipura SPA-841 How To

Sipura SPA-841 extension number.

The Secret of the extension as received in the e-mail associated with this extension.

4. Navigate to the bottom of the page, click on the “Submit All Changes” button. The

Sipura SPA-841 will reboot for changes to take effect.

Example: John Smith, Reception, Entrance Main, Agent One etc.

Usually the same number as for the account.

14Registering Sipura SPA-841

Other “options” or “fields” should be left blank or as is by default, they have no

importance for registering your Sipura SPA-841 to PBXware.

– Conclusion: If everything is done as above described you should have successfully

registered your Sipura SPA-841 to PBXware. Dial *123 to verify registration.

– For further information, please contact the manufacturer or check their website www.

2.3 Auto Provisioning

2.3.1 UAD Settings

1. Find out the IP address of PBXware server.

15 Sipura SPA-841 How To

16Registering Sipura SPA-841

17 Sipura SPA-841 How To

2.3.2 Creating Extension

18Registering Sipura SPA-841

Sipura SPA-841 MAC address.

19 Sipura SPA-841 How To

2.3.3 Registering Phone

20Registering Sipura SPA-841

The “Profile Rule” field must be set with TFTP server value.

21 Sipura SPA-841 How To

1. Open a new browser window and enter the IP address in order to access your Sipura

STEP FOUR: Configuring TFTP server.

22Registering Sipura SPA-841

3. Click on “Provisioning” link.

4. Navigate down to the “Profile Rule” field, it must be set with the TFTP server value.

5. Navigate to the bottom of the page, click on the “Submit All Changes” button. The

– Conclusion: If everything is done as above described, you should have successfully

2.4 Auto Configuration

1. Make sure your devices are properly connected to the same as your PBXware.

2. Make sure that all devices are set to Factory Defaults.

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23 Sipura SPA-841 How To

3. Make sure that all devices are using port 5060.

2.4.2 Auto Configuration

1. Navigate to “Extensions: Find Phones”.

2. A pop-up window will appear. Input the range of IP addresses

– Start IP:

– End IP:

3. Click on the “Start” button. PBXware will search for devices connected to the same

LAN in selected range of IP addresses.

24Registering Sipura SPA-841

an example with range of IP addresses

4. After PBXware has finished searching for devices, a list of all devices found will be

5. Change the activation status from “Not Activated” to “Auto Configuration” for one or

more displayed devices of your choice.

6. Click on the “edit” button next to the activation select box to enter properties for the

25 Sipura SPA-841 How To

an example with list of found devices

7. After you have edited a device, a pop-up window will appear.

26Registering Sipura SPA-841

an example with 1 configured line

8. The Sipura SPA-841 has 4 lines available, you can configure just one or all of them as

Line 1 example

Name: John Smith

Secret: Enter an at least 6 digit or letter long secret.

9. Click on the “Save” button, the entered values will be saved and the pop-up window

10. Click on the “Save” button shown below to finalize “Auto Configuration”.

27 Sipura SPA-841 How To

11. Device(s) will automatically reboot and be auto configured.

29 Sipura SPA-841 How To

1. Navigate your Internet browser to the telephone IP address (for example

3. Select ‘Advanced’

5. Set ‘Auto Answer Page’ to ‘Yes’

6. Set ‘Send Audio To Speaker’ to ‘Yes’

7. Click ‘Submit All Changes’

NOTE: At the time, the paging option is set for all lines and works once the handset is

picked up. Paging is tested with Firmware version 4.1.12(a).

31 Sipura SPA-841 How To

– DHCP = Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a communications protocol

– HUB = A common connection point for devices in a network.

– IP Address = Internet Protocol address.

– = A local area network (LAN) is a computer network covering a local area, like a

home, office or small group of buildings such as a college.

– = Local Area Network.

– PIN = Personal Identification Number.

– Remote = Network devices that are managed or controlled from a network system

other than the system to which they are directly connected.

– Router = A device that forwards data packets from one local area network (LAN) or

wide area network (WAN) to another.

– Switch = Network device that selects a path or circuit for sending a unit of data to its

– VoiceMail = The electronic transmission of voice messages over the Internet. The

messages are stored on a computer until the recipient accesses and listens to them.

– WAN = Wide Area Network.

controls a device.

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